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Allplan Connect – your personal service portal

Whether the issue relates to questions, tips or current information about Allplan – as a member of Allplan Connect, you can exchange information around the world quickly and easily. From the user forum to countless downloads, from online libraries and training services right through to technical support – a comprehensive range of services is waiting for you.

  • Comprehensive support - You can contact our technical support team directly from the Support area. You can also browse the FAQs database, in which you will find a collection of frequently asked questions about Allplan together with the answers. In this area, you can also access service releases and hot fixes for downloading, as well as other interesting and helpful information.
  • Forum - In the Allplan Connect forum, users exchange information, valuable tips relating to everyday work and advice on specific tasks. In order to ensure that no questions remain unanswered, members of the technical support team also participate in the forum.  As a member of the Allplan community, you can benefit from the experience of Allplan users around the world.
  • Download CAD-Objects - To help you create appealing drafting and design documents and visualizations, there are numerous CAD objects and textures available for you to download. These are optimized for Allplan and include specific design objects such as interiors, vehicles, people and textures for building and construction materials. There is a convenient search function that helps you find not only the actual CAD objects and textures, but also their associated details and the relevant manufacturer information.
  • E-Learning - Enhance your knowledge of specific topics anytime and anywhere with the numerous practical e-learning videos about architecture and civil engineering. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can benefit from specially prepared lessons to help you master all the functions in Allplan you need.  You can access further training documents, manuals, tutorials and step-by-step guides at any time in our online library. Serviceplus members have unlimited access to the entire range of e-learning content Allplan Connect members without a Serviceplus contract can access a selection of valuable educational content


Register at https://connect.allplan.com/en.html


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