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pit05122019News in DC-Pit


December 5, 2019

Verification of the grouted anchor body, automatic redistribution
  • Use of the diagrams for the capacity of grouted anchor bodies acc. to Ostermayer or definition of a value for the skin friction
  • Selection of the soil type (Gravel, sandy / Sand, gravelly / Clay + Silt etc.) and interpolation in the diagram area between the upper and the lower curve read more >>  

pile09122019News in DC-Pile/Npw


December 6, 2019

Verifications acc. to bulletin M EBGS-Lsw 2018
  • Analysis method acc. to Vogt
  • Equilibrium at the soil block in front of the pile
  read more >>  

ИРМ представи
Allplan Engineering и Allplan Bridge във  Варна

chaso0166717 октомври 2019

ИРМ ЕООД съвместно с ръководството на РК на КИИП Варна представи продуктите на Allplan Deutschland GmbH зa моделиране на конструкции на сгради и инфраструктурни съоръжения Allplan Engineering и Allplan Bridge пред членовете на Камарата.

повече >>


ALLPLAN Presents Allplan 2020

ALLPLAN presents Allplan 2020, the new version of its BIM software for more efficiency and productivity in everyday work

New version with Visual Scripting for parametric modeling, tools for modeling stairs, roofs and steel structures as well as first fully integrated solution for modeling and static calculation of bridges

Munich, October 8, 2019 – ALLPLAN, an international provider of BIM solutions, presents Allplan 2020, the latest version of its BIM solution for architects and engineers, focusing on interdisciplinary collaboration and 3D modeling. The new version supports architects in modeling stairs and roofs as well as complex shapes using the new integrated Visual Scripting. Engineers can benefit from Allplan 2020 to create steel structures using the new steel modeling tools and Allplan Bridge 2020, the first fully integrated solution for modeling, static calculation and design. In addition, numerous workflow and user-friendly improvements ensure efficient design processes. read more >>


ALLPLAN Presents an Update of its BIM Solution

Allplan 2019-1: Numerous detailed improvements, new download reference model feature from cloud-based platform Allplan Bimplus, technical preview for Visual Scripting and point clouds as well as new functionality in Allplan Bridge

The latest update of Allplan - BIM solution for architects and engineers offers new features and optimization in data exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration based on Allplan Bimplus, as well as numerous detailed improvements in terms of performance and stability. In addition, Allplan 2019-1 provides a new function for visual scripting, available as a technical preview. Furthermore, Allplan Bridge 2019-1 also includes significant new functionality. read more >>

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